Designed by badminton players for badminton playersHere at Xzile, we believe that in any sports you play, a player is limited only by their aptitude and the equipment they possess. Game play satisfaction is therefore negatively impacted if the equipment used is unable to consistently meet its design needs. Being avid players in the sport of badminton, Team Xzile is actively involved in both product design and manufacture. - We aim to deliver in quality and game play satisfaction through product design and innovation. In order to meet the high standards we set for ourselves; our products are constructed using the latest available technology and only premium grade materials are used in their manufacture. Team Xzile ensures consistent high quality products through the application of stringent product quality control processes.We believe that half the battle is already won when players can rely on the quality of their equipment! This provides players the freedom to fully focus on playing their game instead of having to adapt to their equipment.